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New Belgium Brewing Expands to Michigan

 New Belgium Brewing Expands to Michigan

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Now in 29 states, the brewery is planning a special-edition beer collaboration

New Belgium Brewing announced plans to expand into Michigan.

Good news for Detroit and beyond: Colorado's New Belgium Brewery is heading north to Michigan, reports the Coloradoan.

Beginning Aug. 27, several offerings of New Belgium brews (including Fat Tire, Ranger IPA, Trippel, Shift, and Red Hoptober) will be available in 22-ounce bottles; draft lines will be ready in October. But what's even more exciting: two beer collaborations with a Michigan favorite, Brewery Vivant. The small brewery (it produced 1,800 barrels in 2011 compared to New Belgium's 700,000) and New Belgium are creating a Belgian-style beer, called the Escoffier. The Coloraoan reports the beer will use Brewery Vivant's signature Belgian yeast strains, as well as wild yeast from New Belgium.

It's an exciting partnership between the breweries, Brewery Vivant's o-owner Jason Spaulding said to the Rapidian. "Having a brewery that we respect so much wanting to brew a beer with us, it can’t be a bad thing. We feel really good about the fact that they wanted to partner with us," he said. And New Belgium, now in 29 states, is excited to get in with the Michigan brewing crowd. This is one collaboration we're excited to see.

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