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What Armies Eat Around the World

What Armies Eat Around the World

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From pasta to potato to halva pudding, this is what different countries feed their men and women in service

Singapore army rations are a mix of local flavors and noodles.

Next time you’re settling in for dinner take a look at what’s on your plate... chicken, beef, a sprout or two? Maybe some carbohydrates like bread and mashed potatoes with gravy? Now think about how different your daily meal would be if you were in the army.

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Army field rations differ from country to country — some consist of much the same as a regular meal albeit in a less-appealing, dehydrated, vacuum-sealed package; others contain a few home comforts like liver sausage spread for German troops or little cans of cassoulet with duck confit for the French. The traditional duck-fat laden dish has been a favorite of the French armed forces for generations… generals believed a few bites would give their troops an edge on the battlefield. The decadent four-course combat meal was hearty enough to sustain the Frenchmen but tasty enough to satisfy their picky palates.

The earliest garrison rations for the United States Army, for about a century after 1776, were an all-inclusive meal of meat, bread, and vegetables. Civil War rations were increased, allowing for bread, salted meat, beans, rice, and a pound of potatoes per man were issued three times a week. Today, the army is offered A-rations (fresh food prepared on-site), B-rations (unit-sized packaged trays usually heated by immersion), ready-to-eat meals(MRE’s), and first-strike rations (designed to be eaten on the move).

Understandably, the food troops request the most is pizza, which is a little difficult to whip up on the battlefield. But researchers at a U.S. military laboratory are determined to give it a shot and say they’re close to perfecting a dehydrated pizza which will stay fresh for three years without being frozen — options include cheese, pepperoni and turkey-pepperoni.

When you look at army rations these days it’s interesting to see what all those sealed, nondescript packets contain. While each sealed package looks similar, the contents can vary dramatically. Here’s a closer look at what some of the world’s armies are eating in the field.

Serusha Govender is the Travel Editor for The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @SerushaGovender

From Delicious: Love to Eat: Around the World in 120 Simply Delicious Recipes Delicious by Valli Little

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  • Categories: Salads Appetizers / starters Italian
  • Ingredients: beef eye fillets black peppercorns pink peppercorns stale sourdough bread strawberries balsamic vinegar telegraph cucumbers red onions fennel basil

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19 Savory Drinking Snacks From Around the World

Yasmine is an Assistant Editor at Serious Eats, splitting her time between social and editorial work. Her work has been featured in Women’s Health and on L’Officiel USA, and she recently graduated from New York University with a master's in journalism. You can find her at Bleecker Street Pizza on any given weekend.

Mozzarella sticks, potato skins, onion rings, and nachos—these are just some of the iconic American snacks we love to enjoy at bars or on game day. They make up an extensive list, but there's more to explore beyond our borders. Poutine and Korean fire chicken aren't just delicious things to eat they're also avenues of escape, a way to temporarily convince ourselves we're anywhere but in our homes—something we could all use right now. You can revel in the flavors of Jamaica with a wildly spicy pepper shrimp, or close your eyes and imagine you’re in a Spanish bar while scarfing down tapas like patatas bravas and gambas al ajillo. Join us as we eat around the world with this short list of some our favorite drinking snacks from around the world.

Don't see a recipe for the thing you like to nosh on while sipping on a beer or a seltzer? Let us know in the comments and we'll put it on a to-do list.

Barramundi baked in paperbark with chilli ginger dressing (page 76)

From Delicious: Love to Eat: Around the World in 120 Simply Delicious Recipes Delicious by Valli Little

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  • Categories: Dressings & marinades Main course Australian
  • Ingredients: sesame seeds paperbark barramundi spring onions fresh ginger long red chillies soy sauce rice vinegar sesame oil whole plant coriander limes

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These are the three basic eating utensils that are found all over the world nowadays!

The Fork

The fork is believed to originate as far back as Ancient Greece. However, forks were not used as a personal eating utensil until some time during the Roman Empire. It is interesting to note that the use of the fork as an eating utensil was not quickly spread, in fact, it took a long time for northern Europe to adopt this new (and easier) way of eating!

Types of forks

  • Table fork
  • Deli fork
  • Salad fork
  • Fish fork
  • Shrimp fork
  • Dessert fork
  • Oyster fork

The Knife

Knives have a very long history as even cavepeople are believed to have used a knife-like tool for hunting and cutting into their kill. During the Middle Ages it was custom for people to carry their own personal knives in a belt sheath. They would then use their knives to barbarically eat their food. However, the table or “dinner” knife was only developed about 500 years ago!

Types of knives

  • Chefs knife
  • Boning knife
  • Cleaver
  • Bread knife
  • Paring knife
  • Grapefruit knife
  • Butcherknife
  • Santoku knife
  • Carving knife

The Spoon

The true age of the spoon may never be definitive because centuries of different tribes, groups, and other civilizations have been using scooping devices with “handles” to handle food. However, it is documented that the spoon was used during the Ancient Egyptian times (about 1000 B.C.) during religious ceremonies!

Types of spoons

  • Teaspoon
  • Tablespoon
  • Dessert spoon
  • Grapefruit spoon
  • Soupspoon
  • Demitasse spoon
  • Chinese spoon
  • Sugar spoon
  • Caviar spoon
  • Salt spoon
  • Iced Tea spoon


Primarily an Asian eating utensil. Chopsticks have been used in China for roughly 5,000 years! The first chopsticks we’re actually developed as cooking tools rather than eating utensils. They are believed to have been made out of twigs! Today, Asian communities still use chopsticks (though they are a much more design-oriented version) and they have also adopted the use of forks, spoons, and knives as have many other cultures around the world.

Types of chopsticks

  • Bamboo chopsticks
  • Wooden chopsticks
  • Plastic chopsticks
  • Disposable chopsticks
  • Metal chopsticks
  • Polymer material alloy chopsticks
  • Stainless steel chopsticks
  • Silver chopsticks


While many cultures would see eating with your hands as a high of casual eating or even as a sign of disrespect, some cultures primarily rely on their hands as their eating utensils.

For example, in India, Africa and the Middle East, some cultures use their right hands to scoop and eat food whereas using their left hand to scoop or eat food would be a sign of disrespect.


A long pointed stick (usually made out of wood or metal) that food is spiked onto and cooked. Usually in varying layers of meat and vegetables! The skewer is possibly the oldest (except for hands) of all the eating utensils on this list. The use of skewers for cooking food (and presumably eating food) dates back at least 300,000 years ago! Today, we often use skewers to cook and then eat kabobs off the grill.

Types of skewers

Some cultures, such as Indian cultures, use foods like naan bread as the “utensil” for eating their vegetables and meat. It can be argued that the hands are still the physical eating utensil in this case because the naan bread is also eaten.

6. Jellied moose nose, Canada

Just the name of this snack is a strong contender for 'weirdest food in the world'. Nose isn’t exactly a choice cut, but that hasn’t stopped some adventurous Canadians from experimenting with nasal gastronomy by boiling them up with onions and spices, removing the hair, boiling again, then slicing and covering with a broth that sets into a jelly. It certainly looks as bad as it sounds.

For the less adventurous foodies who find themselves in Canada, maybe try a Craft Beer and Wine tasting tour through Gastown in Vancouver?

Weird Food: Jelly Meat © Ivan Azimov 007/Shutterstock

The 10 Best Vegetarian Dishes In the World

I’m sharing the 10 best vegetarian dishes in the world on this page.

If you are a vegetarian traveler like me, you surely understand it is so difficult to find good places or good dishes to eat around the world. The world can offer you endless meat and fish dishes, but for vegetarians, the options are so few. So what should we do? Forget about visiting the most amazing places in the world? No, you just need to go through this list of some of the most amazing vegetarian dishes available through the world that will make your plate look colorful and your tummy happy.

1. Youtiao – China
Chinese people love meat and the concept of vegetarianism or veganism is something they never will understand. However, it is a diverse country as far as food is concerned and you get almost everything here – oily, stodgy, spicy or healthy. According to me the best vegetarian dish you can find in China, something the non-vegetarians will also love is youtiao. These are basically deep fried breadsticks generally eaten for breakfast or as a snack. They are soft, slightly salted, and delicious and are served as an accompaniment for soy milk or rice congee. Sweet lovers can dip their youtiao in peanut butter or chocolate sauce and enjoy the amazing taste.

2. Bolon de Verde – Ecuador
Vegetarians prefer not to visit South America as they feel all they offer are meat-based food. Meat, however, can be luxury there, and there are many dishes that are vegetarian, particularly in Ecuador where the popular ceviche is available with many vegetarian options. If you need something more filling then you can try Bolon de Verde which is a big ball of fried plantain filled with fresh cheese. People generally eat it for breakfast but it is enough to not make you feel hungry until lunch.

3. Tartiflette au Reblochon – France
French people are attractive and so are their dishes, the vegetarian menu as well. Amongst these, the one I love the most is Tartiflette au Reblochon. It is a very simple preparation made with potatoes, onions, reblochon cheese, spices, and white wine. You will find it commonly prepared in most French restaurants. Some people, however, add bacon or ham to the dish, so make sure you verify this before placing your order.

4. Gado Gado – Indonesia

Gado Gado is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in Indonesia as you can have it made as spicy as you want and it will still taste great, and also because you can find it easily almost anywhere. It is basically a combination of potatoes, lontong cubes (Lontong is a dish made of compressed rice cake in the form of a cylinder wrapped inside a banana leaf), tofu, hard-boiled egg, green beans, and carrots topped with delicious peanut sauce. On top of it is served krupuk which is fried crispy crackers and tastes great when you munch it in between the Gado Gado bites.
Click here for my vegan Gado Gado recipe.

5. Masala Dosa – India

India is one of the most amazing places in the world for vegetarians. Here you do not need to struggle to find the right dish. Every city in India offers great choices of vegetarian dishes, and you will go tired trying out the variety, but the choices never exhaust. However, masala dosa is amongst my favorite dishes in India. It is a South Indian specialty and is quite like a crepe but is made of black lentils and fermented rice batter. Curried peas and potatoes lie hidden inside the dosa, and it is served with various dips – chutneys (coconut and tomato are the popular ones) and sambar (a lentil stew that you can use as a dip or even spoon it into your mouth).

6. Pesto Trofie – Italy

Italy is known everywhere in the world for its pasta, and also the various sauces that come with it. Though there are many non-vegetarian popular sauces, pesto, originating from Northern Italy, is a treat for the vegetarians. It is made using crushed basil, salt, parmesan cheese and garlic and then a generous amount of olive oil is added to mix it with the pasta. The best thing about Italy is that it offers you so many different types of pasta, with Trofie being my favorite. A long strip of pasta is rolled and the string is then cut into small pieces, and this is how my favorite Trofie is made.

7. Doenjang Jjigae – South Korea
This is one of the most popular Korean national vegetarian dishes. Jjigae is a term used for stews and though it is brothy in nature it is still considered a stew. It is basically a soybean paste broth ideal for winters and is light and yummy. Mushrooms, bean sprouts, and tofu are added to the broth to give it body, and at times seafood may be added, so make sure to find that out before placing your order.

8. Vegetable momos and Dal Bhat – Nepal
If you have ever visited Nepal and have not tried eating Dal Bhat, then you have missed something. Dal is a yellow lentil soup and Bhat is boiled rice and this is the Nepal population’s daily staple. It is also commonly found eaten in Bangladesh and India. It is very filling and extremely delicious. You should also try some vegetable momos (dumplings). These dumplings are made fresh from the scratch every day and taste amazing. You surely never have even imagined that you can eat something so great that too at such inexpensive rates.

9. Vegetarian Tam Ponlamai – Thailand
Thailand can be a little tricky when you try searching for vegetarian dishes as most of the food here is cooked in fish sauce. So, it will be best to stick to a vegetarian only restaurant. One of their vegetarian dishes that I immediately fell in love with is a Thai fruit salad or Tam Ponlamai. This is a combination of fruits, usually rose apple, guava, watermelon, and dragon fruit is diced up and then dressed in lime juice, chilies, soy sauce, and peanuts. It is so delicious and so refreshing that words alone cannot describe.
You can find a recipe for vegan pad thai here.

10. Vinegret – Ukraine
Vinegret is a delicious salad made of potatoes, beetroots, chopped onions, carrots, brined pickles, and sauerkraut. It is very famous in the Soviet Union and now it is a well-known dish in the entire eastern European countries. It is the cheapest salad you can find on the menu, and thus is a great and delicious option for every budget vegetarian traveler.

So, the fact is vegetarians too have quite a few delicious options waiting for them all around the world, to suit every budget and to match every taste. So you can travel around the world in vegetarian dishes. There is absolutely nothing you need to worry about. Even if you plan to visit any other place, not mentioned in this list, a little bit of research will definitely help you find at least a few vegetarian dishes you can enjoy eating during your stay.

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With that said i ve put together a great list of the 24 best rice dishes from all over the world. What rice dishes to eat around the world. Afghan rice kabuli pulao.

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