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Eclairs filled with cream cheese

Eclairs filled with cream cheese

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eclair: mix the water with the oil, salt, bring to the boil. When it boils, add the flour and mix very well, until the dough comes off the bowl, then take it off the heat and put the eggs one by one and mix very well. fine until all is incorporated

Put them in the spirit or in the bag, if you don't have them, shape them and bake them in a pan greased with a little oil. harder

Cream: mix 5 yolks with 6 tablespoons of sugar and vanilla, then put sifted flour and mix well then put the milk and put the pan on the fire, mix well so as not to become lumpy. When the cream is almost ready put gelatin soaked in a little water (I put sheets12 pcs -20g).

Whisk the egg whites (5 in number) then mix with warm cream, but mix with a spatula lightly.

Chocolate icing: put the broken chocolate bun in a bowl then put the butter and whipped cream and mix well until they are on the sofa or on the steam bath, then decorate the eclairs

Take the baked eclairs, cut them in half but do not fill them with cream and then decorate them with chocolate

good appetite

Out of a portion you will get about 20 smaller pieces, I made 3 portions to be, I did not fill them all, they can be kept unfilled in the refrigerator 4-5 days

Eclere with ness

In a saucepan put the eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, ness, flour and finally the milk, mixing on a water bath until the composition thickens.

Remove from the heat and add the butter.

We prepare "Glaze for eclairs with ness"

Put the chocolate, butter and cappuccino on the fire in a bowl until the chocolate melts.

& ampnbsp

we continue with the basic recipe.

Boil water and oil together.

Add the flour and mix well with the whisk.

When it has thickened, remove from the heat and add, in turn, the eggs, mixing well.

In a tray lined with baking paper, using a spatula, put the eclairs and bake at 200 degrees for 25 minutes.

After cooling, the shells are cut in half and filled with cream. Put the icing on top.

Cabbage with cream • cooks with chef florin dumitrescu

The recipe for eclairs and choux a la creme & # 8211 recipe that does not fail. Madeleine soft recipe FINALLY A SOFT MADELEINE RECIPE TO WISH! Tired of industrial snacks? LIDL: Sacristan, cream cabbage. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original. Make a sensation with our delicious desserts. Perfect and delicious eclairs and choux, filled with mascarpone and strawberries. Vanilla mascarpone cream. A simple cream recipe for cake, cakes, eclairs, choux or macarons, extremely fine and aromatic.

Add the flour and mixer 15. We are waiting for you at Lidl with the freshest ingredients! Blättern Sie durch den aktuellen Lidl -Prospekt vom 30.

Gutscheine für mascarpone, lemon, cream, pizza, robot, fresh cream, flour. Cut 6 slices of bacon into slices, cut 100 g of cabbage. Secrets and tricks a delicious dough There aren't many whims when they hear of choux a la crème, profiterol or ecler, but making them at home seems like it.


Vanilla cream is one of the simplest and easiest to make creams for cakes.

Recipe this is one of my favorites because it can be used in a wide variety of desserts. It is delicious, and in combination with fresh fruit, vanilla cream it is a real treat.

You can also find on the blog a multitude of cake cream recipes in the category Basic recipes.

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Butter cream (simple recipe)

Boil water, butter and salt, when it boils, turn off the heat and add flour, stirring vigorously with a wooden spoon.

I have a few wooden spoons that I use only for sweets, otherwise the sweets can get the taste of onion, garlic and it's very unpleasant.
Gradually add eggs, depending on how much the dough requires (it becomes a clear cream), if you don't realize it, put 8 large eggs.

Beat the eggs in a bowl of salt before and leave them for at least 20 minutes before they are added to the dough, the color will be much more intense. Too bad that the picture does not show what a beautiful color my shells have.

Pour them into the tray lined with baking paper, using a pos with dui (round shape, simple) or sprit (toothed shape) or with a spoon, smaller for mini-eclipses or larger, elongated or round (large for & bdquoChoux a la creams & rdquo or small for Profiterol).

Leave space between them, not to stick, out of this composition come 2 normal oven trays.

Bake in the oven heated to 200 degrees, bake on high heat for 15 minutes, then leave on medium heat to dry the shells nicely.

GREAT ATTENTION. Do not open the oven in the first 20 minutes, otherwise the shells will be left, those beautiful donuts will not come out, empty in the middle!
Leave to cool and cut with a serrated knife (extremely necessary utensil in the kitchen for cutting cakes, cake tops, fresh bread).

Separately prepare cream (pastry creams): SEE RECIPE HERE (click) .

Fill the shells with pos, it's easier and faster or with a spoon.

If you make & bdquoChoux a la creme & rdquo, put a naughty whipped cream on top of them.

Powder with powdered sugar or glaze with chocolate, fondant & hellip

Chocolate glaze

Put the chocolate, butter and sour cream in a bain-marie, until they melt, then pour over the eclairs or make a barbecue & hellip according to your imagination.

I also put some sugar paste ornaments on top, which I had made for a cake.

For Profiteroles, use small, round shells, filled with this cream.

Place 3-4 donuts in a cup, put assorted ice cream on top, decorate with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

These shells can become delicious appetizers if they are filled with various pastas or savory creams: cheese, fish, caviar, liver pâtés, etc.

From the same dough, some come out delicious and fluffy donuts: pour with a spoon balls in hot oil, after frying powder with vanilla flour sugar.

The eclair butter recipe has already been tried by blog readers, you can see just a few of the results below, I invite you to try this recipe.

Minieclere with vanilla cream and whipped cream recipe step by step

Minieclere with vanilla cream and whipped cream recipe step by step. How to make eclairs recipe? How to make eclair dough? How are eclairs baked? The recipe with all the secrets.

Ecler is a cake of French origin, prepared from a scalded dough (pate-au-choux) of elongated shape, filled with various pastries: vanilla, chocolate, whipped cream, etc. and glazed with chocolate or fondant.

The French origin has left its mark on its name, which is called & bdquoecler & rdquo in all languages. Translated from the French & bdquoeclair & rdquo, it means & bdquofulger & rdquo.

Minieclere with vanilla cream and whipped cream recipe step by step

Before 1850, the eclipse was called the duchess's & bdquopainea (& bdquopain de la duchesse & rdquo), with the shape of a finger, rolled in almonds.

Antonin Careme is the famous pastry chef from the 19th century who modernized and perfected the eclair, he also invented the profiterole cake. The famous French pastry specialist gave up almonds, filled the eclair with a pastry cream or jam and glazed it with fondant. This reinvention of the eclair brought delight among customers, and the cake spread all over France with the speed of lightning (eclair). Therefore, Antonin Careme is recognized as the inventor of the ecler, the cake that only 20 years after the pastry chef's death lost its old name of & bdquopaine of the duchess & rdquo and was baptized ecler.

After the cream has cooled, mix it a little to regain its creaminess, gradually adding the whipping cream. Put the cream for 5-10 minutes in the fridge. After this time we transfer it to a pos and fill the mini-eclipses.

For decoration: melt dark chocolate (along with a teaspoon of oil) and white chocolate.

Glaze with dark chocolate and draw dashes with white chocolate. Let it cool. We enjoy with lust & hellip

  • For shells, the baking temperature depends a lot on the oven. Mine is very strong, and because of this I set the temperature at 180 degrees Celsius. It is normally recommended to bake at 200 degrees Celsius.
  • For glazing, this is done by dipping the top of the shells in dark chocolate.
  • For a beautiful color, use homemade eggs.

The recipe and the pictures belong to Iulia Anghel and she participates in the competition & bdquoThe big autumn contest, with guaranteed prizes, without drawing lots & rdquo. You can find more recipes published by her here.

The average of the grades given by the jury is 10.

Re & # 539 recipes with Gina Bradea & raquo Recipes & raquo Minieclere with vanilla cream and whipped cream recipe step by step

How to prepare homemade eclairs filled with chocolate cream

Making eclairs is not difficult at all. You just have to get along well with the oven provided. Mine is a normal gas oven, but we get along very well. It just kind of disappoints me with meringues, but for now I can't bear to replace it with an electric one just for that matter. Even in the gas oven, my shells come out perfect, shiny, slightly reddish and full of alveoli inside.

I leave the recipe below in video format for perfect eclayer shells, with all its little secrets.

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This eclair recipe with vanilla cream and chocolate icing is delicious. To prepare this cake recipe you must first prepare the dough.

To prepare the dough, put water in a bowl (or a saucepan, but MUST use a pot that can be put on the flame), add the necessary margarine and leave on the fire until the margarine melts. After the margarine has melted, add the caster sugar, a pinch of salt and mix until the sugar melts.

When the sugar has melted, remove the bowl from the heat and add the flour all at once and mix it as quickly and well as possible with a wooden spoon, until it is completely incorporated and a hard, non-sticky crust is formed. Let the crust cool until it reaches room temperature, then add the eggs gradually, one after the other, stirring after each egg until it is completely incorporated into the respective crust (so we don't put the eggs all at once, but we put them one by one).

We line a tray with baking paper and from the obtained crust long eclairs are formed, with the help of his pos, most of the times, I take them with a spoon and form a ball and put them in the tray, from place to place, not really next to each other (you can use an ice cream tongs, give a round shape to the eclairs and look better. Some call them Choux a la creme, but the recipe is identical, only the shape differs). Put the tray in the preheated oven and bake for 25-30 minutes until lightly browned. After they are baked, remove the eclairs and let them cool completely, only then we will fill them with cream.

After the eclairs have cooled, cut them in half with a knife, not at all, but enough to keep them aside and fill them with vanilla cream, using a spirit or a spoon.

To prepare the cream, break the eggs, put them in a bowl and beat them well. When the eggs are well beaten, add the caster sugar, the vanilla sugar sachets and beat the composition again until smooth, then add the flour and mix again. Pour the milk and mix until well blended. After we have incorporated all the ingredients, we put the bowl with the bottom in a pan with water and let it rise, thus obtained to boil on a steam bath until it thickens, about 15 minutes. If you are unlucky and your cream does not thicken, put the cream bowl directly on the flame, but stir continuously to avoid smoking and sticking to the bottom of the pan, and possibly add 1-2 tablespoons of flour to the composition, then mix with a fork. very quickly so as not to form lumps.

For the icing, take a saucepan, break the chocolate in it, add margarine, water and oil, in the necessary quantities and put the saucepan with all these ingredients on the fire, to boil, on a steam bath, until they all melt and a composition is obtained. homogeneous. Over the resulting composition add 2 tablespoons of cocoa and mix with a whisk so as not to become lumpy until the cocoa dissolves. I don't use commercial glaze because it's too thin. in the resulting glaze we soak the eclairs halfway, then we put them on a plate or on a tray and they are ready to serve.

- this scalded dough is really unpretentious and probably many of the circulating recipes are just as good, but my opinion is that the most important is the oven, along with the baking temperature (I heated it to 210, maximum 220 degrees) .
- it is preferable to use the pear-shaped target because it loosens the lumps well.
- if you choose to make long eclairs, there is no need to use a star-shaped tip, especially if you want to glaze the eclairs with chocolate, it is preferable to have a smooth surface, in which case you will opt for a simple tip with a round opening.
- for the filling you can opt for whipped cream, chocolate or any other cream flavor, and instead of icing you can powder them with powdered sugar.

If you sprinkle a little grated chocolate over the eclairs with vanilla cream or simply among them, on the plate, you will get a special arrangement and you will surprise your guests both by the appearance and by the delicious taste of the eclairs!

Eclairs with vanilla cream

Successful tips and tricks for ecler shells. Step-by-step ecler recipe for a sure success. How to make aclere dough, how to make vanilla cream or. Vanilla cream, or patisserie cream, is needed in many recipes, such as eclairs.

Now I show you the classic recipe, I tested it and it comes out great, the eclairs are tender, crunchy & # 8211 just like the book and I promise you don't eat anything like that. And, maybe, with a little lack of modesty, I tell you that I get excellent eclairs. Using a pos, fill the ecler shells with vanilla cream. So it is certain that they will not have any sticky dough inside. I cut the long eclairs.

ECLERE WITH VANILLA CREAM AND CREAM & # 8211 Recipes. I can be with chocolate, ness or a little vanilla cream and whipped cream… It's like I see my friend Ionela with. Preparation of the cream: In a bowl for the mixer put the cream mixture together with 600 ml of cold milk from the refrigerator and beat with the mixer first at low speed and.

Ingredients for about 20 eclairs. I know this eclaughter recipe from my mother and it is the recipe that works best for me. Put a layer of whipped cream over the vanilla cream.

Melt the chocolate together with the whipped cream and glaze the eclairs.